Computational Core Services

The IBEST Computational Resources Core provides computing services, data storage and consultation for the research community at the University of Idaho and beyond. Using funds from the NIH COBRE program we have built up the infrastructure over the past decade. The Core is now a UI service center, providing the research community with continually evolving high-end computational capabilities that can be tailored to meet specific projects needs. Our users span 18 departments across the UI, and also include off-campus researchers and collaborators.


To make use of the CRC servers, you will need an account. We now offer multiple levels of access. The first is a Standard account. That account will get you unlimited access to our servers and support from our systems administrators. The second account type, a Satellite account, must be associated with a Standard account - and offers more limited access to the CRC systems for undergraduate students, pilot studies, and users who simply need fewer resources. The Inactive account service is intended for current account holders that would like the CRC to maintain their data without computation services with the intent of moving back to a Standard account at some point in the future. The differences between these services are detailed in the table below:

Data10TB ̐100GB10TB ̐
Standalone ServersAllmarvin,trillian,zaphod,slartibartfast,fordNo computational services
Cluster concurrent jobs38430
Software requestsUnlimitedNone
Other ServicesOwncloud, Databases (Stacks,orthomcl,Geneious,etc), TimeMachine backups (UI campus only), limited desktop support (UI campus only)OwncloudOwncloud
Annual Cost
Non UI, Academic$2742.06$437.96$375.32
Annual Cost
Non UI, Academic$4,399.81$937.88$600.75
Annual Cost
Non UI, Academic³$1650$330$220
Non UI, Private$6,570.79$1407.49$1199.92

̐ This is a soft limit - we will work with researchers to accomodate most any data storage needs.
¹ July 1, 2018 to June 30, 2019
² July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2020
³ With Federal Grant Funding

We list prices in annual units, but bill quarterly for the actual time the account was active during the previous quarter. For accounts, the minimum service time is one month.

Dedicated support

We can support custom hardware maintenance and installations at a per device rate, or on an hourly basis. Our current rates are:

ServiceDescriptionFY2017 Annual CostFY2018 Annual CostFY2019 Annual CostFY2020 Annual Cost
Primary Server SupportThis is support for server hardware owned by the end user or CRC, but with user access limited as the the user feels appropriate. For end-user owned hardware, administrative access is assumed for at least a subset of users. The CRC staff will provide:
  • OS installation & maintenance, installation of security updates as necessary
  • Scientific software installation¹
  • User support
  • Replacement of failed components (hard drives etc)²
  • Other tasks agreed upon in advance by the CRC
¹The CRC maintains limited MatLab licenses, but all other software licensing fees (if any) will be the responsibility of the end user
²Whoever owns the hardware will be responsible for the cost of the replacement parts themselves
Secondary Server SupportThis is support for a server configured identically to a primary server, and the CRC will provide the same services. The hardware specifications do not need to be identical, but the OS and installed software should be as similar as possible.$3200$2150$2150$2500
Data Appliance SupportNAS, Backup, or database appliance support.$3600$2600$2600$3000

If you choose to have your server supported by the CRC on an hourly basis, the rate will be $60/hour, billed for actual time spent in administration of the server or in supporting users of the server.

For custom hardware support, we expect a commitment of at least 6 months.

Condominium Services

We can manage new or previously purchased HPC hardware. Details here.


Going to a conference? We can print your poster! We have an Epson SureColor 44" printer and an older HP Designjet 42" plotter. Submit your poster to us through our poster website (the website is only available from on UI campus). The cost for FY2020 is $30 per poster.

We accept files in either PowerPoint or PDF format. We can typically print your poster within a couple hours, but sometimes we're really busy with other projects or printing a ton of posters. So, it's best to give us at least a day to print your poster. In case of printer failure (or demand beyond our capacity) - we may have to refer you to the campus print center in the commons.

CRC Education

Productive and useful interactions with our major and potential users and project groups are a high priority for us. We regularly present updates and short workshops at weekly IBEST Lunch meetings of IBEST faculty, staff and students. These informal interactions allow us to receive and give advice, gauge customer satisfaction, and brainstorm possible future directions for strategic planning.

We offer education and training services for current and potential core users and their students. Our online documentation provides instruction on typical and advanced step-by-step workflows, how to access our systems, how to run jobs on the clusters and harvest the results, and how to use bioinformatics software. We also offer hands-on tutorials, workshops, and for-credit classes, many of which we are converting to online tutorials, on topics such as: